Cell Phone Use and Your Health

We all own a cell phone and use them often.  The question is, do they harm us?  Let me share with you some education I received while studying for my ham radio licensing test. Please take just a few moments to get the basics.  You will see why your cell phone may be causing you serious physical problems and you not even knowing it…   yet.  I’ll try to be brief.

All radios do two things, send and receive signals.  Sending of signals is via radio waves out the antenna.  Receiving those signals is via an antenna and electronics converting those radio frequency (RF) signals to an audio signal (sound).  Ham radios are typically made in two forms:  mobile units and handheld devices (‘walkie talkies’).  The mobile units are higher powered transmission devices ranging from 150mhz to 1.2Ghz and 5 watts to 40+ watts.  Handheld ham radios use the same frequencies, but their power is 1-5 watts.

So how would these radios hurt us and what do ‘radio signals’ have to do with YOU?  The answer is, they can damage human cells!!  How you ask?  Via the transmitting of signals, not receiving them.  Whereas a mobile radio (one in a car) has the antenna several feet from you, handhelds have the radio possibly 1″ to 0″ from your head!!  This can be a problem depending on two things — the frequency being used and the power of transmission.  A lower frequency transmission with high power can hurt humans, and a higher frequency transmission with a low power can also.

So how does this relate to cell phones?  Cell phones are typically in the gigahertz range, but lower power.  The way they can hurt you is by ‘cooking your brain’.  How’s that you ask?  Because they are mini-microwave ovens!!  Microwave ovens use radio waves to cook food.  Your cell phone when transmitting is sending out those microwaves (high frequency RF) into your head!  Depending on how often you use your phone and for how long, it can be impacting your brain!  If you keep your phone in your pocket and use a Bluetooth device to hear and speak, the phone can be sending those waves into your groin area.  (I’ll leave that topic to your imagination.)

So how do I avoid physical problems when using my cell phone?  Keep it away from your body.  Use the external speaker feature or a Bluetooth headset device.  The Bluetooth devices are designed to only travel a few feet, therefore the power rating is very low.  Your cell phone has to hit a tower miles away!!  Imagine the difference in power between the two!!?

I ran across the following article and wanted to share it with you to show that cell phones have not been proven entirely safe.  Over several years they can impact our health and possibly our life span.  Please read the following.

Cell Phone Radiation Could be Changing Your Brain

Maybe that long conversation isn’t that important after all??



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