Lucifer — The TV Show

Think you’re living in the end times?  Well, the evidence is getting quite overwhelming — to me at least.

In recent years we’ve had a new onslaught of ‘hero movies’ — Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, and many others.  We can look at this phenomena and just assume that people like entertaining movies.  Or, we can ask ‘why’ are they popular.

I have two theories:  1)  People see an overwhelming world of evil around them with the bad guys getting away with murder and were ‘solutions’ are not obvious, but super-heroes can solve any problem — in an hour or less.  and 2)  We the powerless like to envision ourselves as those heroes with superhuman powers!  You pick which works for you.

Ah, but now we have a new superhero on the horizon!!  It’s ‘Lucifer’ to the rescue!!  Yes, the devil, the evil one, Satan, the bad guy!  As hard as it may be to believe, the ‘Fox channel’ is bringing out a new series on TV entitled ‘Lucifer’!!  Yes, the conservative, right-wing, religious oriented network!!?  Don’t believe me?  Watch this trailer!!!  Then ask yourself, who is trying to sell who what bill of goods?!  What I see is the message is clear and all around us — Good is bad, and Bad is good.  Don’t think so?  Then why are Christians bad and ‘other religions’ good?  Ever hear of Christians being taught to hate?  Kill?  No?  Then why are they being murdered by the hundreds?

Evil is alive in this world and growing.  All it takes for it to survive is for good people to do nothing…  that includes YOU.



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