Sharia Law in Texas!

I can understand almost anything happening in California — but here in Texas??

Well folks, we just kicked to the curb the one strong effort to stop Sharia law from being used in Texas.  If you are a person who insists on justice, then this should be a serious issue to you.  What it means is the ability of anyone to use an alternate legal system in lieu of our state or federal law — i.e., Sharia law.  This is in total conflict with our constitution.  You’d think this would be an obvious action — especially in Texas.  But, here we are.  What is even harder to believe is two women were the cause of this new law dieing.!!?  (No explanation was given as to why they backed down on this new bill.)  Why would two Republican sponsors of the original HB 562, Rep Harlessof Harris County (NW Houston) and Rep Riddle of Houston suddenly vote against a bill they had both signed up as being willing to sponsor?

The following video interview of Chris Byrd — an attorney in Boerne, Texas — explains the American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) recent failure to pass the bill necessary to stop this behavior in the current Texas congressional session.  Although you might think that this is of no direct impact on you, it certainly could be in the near future.

The Muslim strategic plan is to get ‘family court’ managed via Sharia law for Muslims.  Then in the future get criminal law in Texas replaced with Sharia criminal law.  If that doesn’t scare you, nothing will.  Honor killings could be a new way of life.?!

Please watch at least the first 8:45 of the video to understand what the action was and how it can affect you — especially if you’re a woman!!

Chris Byrd on Sharia law in Texas



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