Daniel Webster Describes the Founders’ Traditional Goal

Everyone should read the book ‘The 5000 Year Leap’ by Cleon Skousen.  (I highly recommend reading our founding documents also.)  If you think the constitution’s purpose isn’t clear, this book will clarify the intent of our founders — who knew what they were doing!

As you heard our fearless leader(?) once say, “The constitution is an outdated document.”  He believes it does not apply to this country any longer.  (Wishful thinking?)  But the following demonstrates what the founders really believed — which is timeless.  This text was extracted from that book.

… In our own day of accelerating crimes of violence, narcotics addiction, billion-dollar pornography sales, hedonistic sexual aberrations, high divorce rates, and deteriorating family life, the American people might well recall the stirring words of Daniel Webster when he spoke to the New York Historical Society, February 22, 1852:

Unborn ages and visions of glory crowd upon my soul, the realization of all which, however, is in the hands and good pleasure of Almighty God; but, under his divine blessing, it will be dependent on the character and virtues of ourselves and of our posterity … if we and they shall live always in the fear of God, and shall respect his commandments … we may have the highest hopes of the future fortunes of our country …. It will have no decline and fall. It will go on prospering …. But if we and our posterity reject religious instruction and authority, violate the rules of eternal justice, trifle with the injunctions of morality, and recklessly destroy the political constitution which holds us together, no man can tell how sudden a catastrophe may overwhelm us, that shall bury all our glory in profound obscurity. Should that catastrophe happen, let it have no history! Let the horrible narrative never be written!

Unfortunately, unless the present generation of American leadership returns to fundamental values, that history is being written right now.

If only our sleepy nation could wake up to the impending disaster they face.?  If only the Christians could lead the way to our more optimistic future based on strong Christian principles..?!  Once in history the leaders of this country had a vision of what is good for all through those Christian principles.  We have apparently, like a child, outgrown those views and obviously know better (than God)..?



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