Communism in The U.S.

I have talked about this topic before and all too often people think me nuts (again).  I make it a point to watch people’s actions and not their words — this often leads to an entirely different perspective of an individual.

Early on in Obama’s campaign to become president he said that he liked to surround himself with communists, fascists, and anarchists.  Now the one time you’d think people would listen (and believe) to what he said and conclude that he might be a bit out of sync with the American ethos, no.  The public totally ignored those statements.

When Van Jones was identified as a self avowed communist and one of Obama’s closest advisers you’d think that the public might assume that ‘he’ was potentially leaning in that direction.  But once again, no.

Well, now we find that his closest adviser is not only a communist, but comes from a long line of them!!  Valery Jarret has finally been taken ‘out of the closet‘ — the one person Obama looks to for all decisions and tactics.

The following link reports on the FBI’s findings!!

FBI Files Document Communism in Valerie Jarrett’s Family


I’ve given up on America waking up.  It’s getting to be a tad late for them to take any action.  Besides, I doubt the American public has the stomach for it..?



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