Judicial Activism From The Supreme Court

This week we heard from the supreme court saying that conventional interpretation of the law says that Obamacare has been implemented with illegal wording.  However, they chose to interpret it in a more contemporary manner — making it now legal.  I can just see these unelected ’emperors’ sitting in their big chairs looking down on the ‘common people’!!?  …  laughing…  at us!  @#$%^&

But if that isn’t bad enough, now they take a definition of marriage that has been ‘common’ for thousands of years and declare it out dated requiring redefinition.  And now, we have gay marriage.  Is that a problem?  It depends on who you are..?  If you’re a secularist, probably not.  If you’re gay, probably not.  But if you have any natural law principles that you stand on, e.g., the bible, forget it.  You’re a hater!

This is only the beginning. 

Today we have made it clear to those who are paying attention — all three branches of our federal government have been taken over, corrupted.  We now live in a shared dictatorship.  The constitution has been made irrelevant and we shall live by the ‘contemporary law’ from here on.

You know, even the Austrians caught on in just a few weeks that they made a big mistake electing Hitler into power.  What the hell is wrong with the people in this country..?

What you don’t value, you don’t keep.” — Phil Vasile



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