Gay Weddings and Communism

You’re probably wondering, what has gay weddings have to do with communism??  The gay movement has a lot to do with communism.  It is one of the communist goals for America!  How’s that you ask?

If you read the communist goals for America and focus on goal numbers 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28, you will find they all relate to unnatural sexual behavior and the elimination of religion in our country.  (Click on the link above to read those goals.)  Why?  Because if you establish rules based on man’s laws, there is no outside control of man — he can declare at any moment what he believes at that moment.  (Much like Mohammed when writing what he believed in.  As time changed, so did his mind/view.)  This is unlike if you must (through faith) follow God’s laws (the bible) which remain the same.

The implementation of a communist state in the U.S. has been a goal since 1917 beginning with initial actions by Joseph Stalin.  If you go back and read the above goals, you should see that 42 out of 45 are pretty much completed!!

What you can expect to see next is an even stronger attack on the Christian religion in this country.  Gays will go to churches searching for those who refuse to marry the LGBT crowd.  When they find one, they will sue the socks off of them!!  Then what?  They will lose their 501 3c tax exemption.  THEN, they will go out of business if there isn’t enough money to make up the difference.

America, it won’t be long before you have no rights.  You can stretch that rubberband as much as  you like, but at some point, it will snap!  And when it does, you can bet it will hurt.  We’re getting verrrrryyy close to that day.

Note:  You will find several hits on the internet if you look for these words:  ‘communist goals america’.  The communists went underground decades ago in the U.S. when they were initially discovered.  That’s why a lot of people are unaware of what’s going on and what the objective is for our country..?  In short, that objective is “the fundamental transformation of America”.  Just ask your communist leader…



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