A Microcosm of a Worldwide Problem

The world’s population is in a place that it hasn’t been in ever.  The world economy is totally out of control like it never has been.  Why?  In my opinion, for basically the same reason worldwide — greed corruption, and socialism.  The two primary reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire was socialism and corruption.  Sound familiar?  Heard any of those ‘issues’ in this country?

Puerto Rico is a beautiful island and is in a place where it could be the tourist capital of the Caribbean.  However, it is lost to the same problems as the rest of the world.  Read how that small island with massive potential has been destroyed by a socialist administration unwilling to change course.

Progressive Paradise Lost

Why can we not catch on?  Why must we be totally destitute before we change our ways?  When will the ‘dominoes’ begin to fall?  Fasten your seat belts.  I don’t think it’ll be too much longer..?!



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