Terrorism Coming to America

To date many have labeled Glenn Beck as a nutcase.  Out of touch.  A radical right-wing idiot who has no clue of what’s real.  However, he has been right the vast majority of times that he has predicted future events — including the coming ISIS Caliphate in the middle east (to start).  Which we watch daily as it unfolds!

Although people do not recognize his value, it is there.  Occasionally he has an expose TV show which reveals through reliable sources information telling us how our country is under attack — based on real evidence.  The following link has three very brief video trailers for shows he has coming up in July.  I strongly suggest that you watch these videos and if possible, tune in on the Blaze for the information he shares.  Believe me, America has no clue of the many threats facing us in the immediate future

Jihad in America



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