The China Threat — More Evidence…

I know many of you find this subject hard to believe.  I only write about this topic because there is so much evidence pointing to this potential ‘conflict’.  A lot of people just can’t believe that the ‘great U.S. of A.’ can be defeated!!  And agreed, Russia is smart enough to recognize that a nuclear war is guaranteed destruction for all concerned.  But China hasn’t gotten the memo yet.  As hard as it is to believe, they may in the not too distant future foreclose on the U.S. by taking land and resources to get their payback.  Yes, they hold a lot of our debt.  But what better rationale for taking what is theirs!?!  If nothing else, just ask yourself ‘why‘ the Chinese would be building up their defenses faster than Hitler and Japan before WWII..?  I believe this is called deja vu..?

Please read the following article which is, in my view, tame compared to what it could be.  Of key note, the source adds credibility to this story.  Forbes isn’t alarmist that I’m aware of..?

America’s Rivals Are Catching Up

I truly wish Americans would start raising hell to get their government’s attention.  We are headed on a collision course with an ugly future if we don’t do something QUICK!

PLEASE pass this on to others to help inform your neighbors.



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