Gays, The Bible, and the New Gay World Order

Would you ever consider rewriting the vehicle code?  Make a few changes like, speeding is a good thing!?  No?  Well, that’s because you know that eventually you’d be held accountable.  i.e., get a ticket  That would be a crazy thing to do.

OK, how about rewriting the bible to suit your particular views?  That would make sense though, right?  That answer would be a ‘no’ also.  Because if you believe in the bible, you know that you will eventually be held accountable.  If you didn’t have that belief structure and wanted to write your own version of the bible one would have to think you a bit unbalanced or very confused.??

Well America, here’s a flash for you!!  Since our recent ‘supreme court‘ (supreme?) decision, our gay populace now believe it’s reasonable to write their own version of the bible we’ve known of for thousands of years.  Find that hard to believe?  Please read the following after sitting down.

“Queen James Bible” Eliminates “Homosexuality As Sin”

Of significant import, you should read the last verse referenced in this article (and the bible).  It is a warning to those who persist on knowing more/better than God.





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