Trusting Our Government and Those Who Protect Us

I was in law enforcement as a peace officer for over 30 years.  I worked patrol for years and other duties such as special operations, high dollar warrant service, detectives, etc.  During that time my ‘purpose’ was to protect and serve those in our community.  I even swore an oath to the effect.  So, based on that experience one should think that the word ‘community’ should imply to me and those who protect others.  Right?

To address this issue, allow me to share a story I read in the NRA’s ‘Freedom 1st’ magazine (April, 2015).  I have also included some article links at the bottom for you to read more specific information regarding this story.  Although hard to believe, they are real.  However I have a point to posting this article…

Story synopsis:

Jay Dobyns was an undercover investigator with the ATF and was infiltrated into the Hells Angels motorcycle gang.  For two years he risked his life to help stop (more like slow down) that group.  After a major riff between the Angels and Mongols, Jay was injected into the gang as a gunrunner.  When the ATF decided to take the case forward in court, obviously the Angels learned of Jay’s betrayal and wanted a piece of him.  Hence he received death threats to his life and his family’s.  On one occasion a video tape was sent to Jay indicating that they were going to kidnap his daughter and wife and gang rape them.  Jay himself had ‘contract hits’ placed on his life.  Obviously he brought this to the attention of his superiors to which they ignored his information — no investigations were done.

Finally his home was torched with his wife and kids inside!  Fortunately they escaped out a window and lived.  But to add insult to injury, Jay was accused of setting his own house on fire (which burned to the ground).  The feds (ATF) said that they were going to prosecute Jay instead!!?  The federal agency — Office of Inspector General — investigated this mess and found evidence corroborating Jay’s story.  Which was immediately ignored by the ATF.  Subsequently Jay was exonerated and received a cash award from the feds.

The Point:

My point is this, if those who are sworn to protect the public turn on their own, why would they not do so with the public?  i.e., YOU!  To share a couple of quotes from Jay, please read the following.

“This is how Eric Holder’s DOJ, with the word ‘justice’ in its title, handles America’s business and treats our law enforcement officers.” 

“It happens because people become power-corrupt.”  … “They have each other’s back, and that’s it.  Everybody else is left to fend for themselves.”

So now you need to ask yourself, will my government protect me?  Will they do what I fear of?  (Jade Helm)  Can I depend on them to do what is right if things go to hell in this country?  Several very scary questions considering the current leadership we have today…

Agent Jay Dobyns Wins Long Court Battle With ATF


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