Religion of Peace

We are often told that Islam is the ‘religion of peace’.  Yet when we watch the news we see things that are pretty gruesome and hard to digest.  Seeing one adult ‘murder’ another is difficult.  But now ISIS wants us to see that future generations of Muslims will be just as vicious as those in the news today.

The following is an article from The Blaze news website.  If this doesn’t convince the American public that we’re dealing with a sick culture, I’m not sure what it will take to open their eyes.!?

The Islamic State group has released one of its more revolting beheading videos to date, primarily because of the shockingly young age of the perpetrator.

In the video, a boy wearing military fatigues and a black scarf around his head stands behind a man who is kneeling on the ground, the pose seen so frequently before an execution begins.

A member of the Islamic State's

An adult jihadist stands by to oversee the child — whose age is unknown — as he carries out the gruesome crime which involves positioning the man on his stomach, beheading him from behind with a small knife, then placing his severed head on top of his lifeless body.

Image source: YouTube

(Photos not included — Child removes head and place it on the back of his victim showing the bloody knife with a cold stare.)




The Islamic State fighter who was seen standing next to the boy declared the group’s greater goal of regional domination in the video, according to a translation from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: “Our goal is not only Palmyra nor Homs or Damascus but our goal in to conquer Bayt al-Maqdes (Jerusalem) and Rome, God willing.”

Note that ‘Rome’ is on their list of locations to conquer.  My guess is it won’t be long before we see serious ‘action’ in Italy.!!?  And great parental guidance by the way…



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