Why Our Country is in Trouble

Some things should be obvious — even in today’s society.  We have argued over abortion in this country for decades.  Is it a black and white issue?  In my opinion, no.  But reason and common sense should prevail at some point!!?  I mean really, have we really needed to kill over 60 million infants in the U.S. via abortion since the 70’s.??  Using such an alternative such as abortion could be arguable in extreme cases, but 60M?

So now we’re selling baby parts for experimentation and ‘chop-shops’ are selling those parts for profit.  ‘Shut the front door’!!  Now you’d think we could all get together on this issue, right?  Noop.  Well, at least the ‘conservatives’ would agree right?  Noop.  Hard to believe?  Read the following article on this subject and ask yourself, “Why is our country going to hell?”  This should explain a LOT.

Two GOP Senators Oppose Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood

Do you think that perhaps money is an issue here?  Maybe helps some people make up their minds?  I’m not sure what’s going to turn this ship around, but my guess is it won’t be pretty..?





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