Prison Overcrowding — The Problem, and a Solution

For decades the argument has continued that the death penalty does not deter crime.  You would think you could well understand the objective reasoning behind this argument — if you’re dead, it’s over, no more crime.  But the liberal mind cannot seem to grasp such a complex issue.

Please read the following article and then read my potential solution below…

Prison Overcrowding

Years ago I came up with this solution when living in California where the prisons (and county jail) were way over maximum occupancy.  My solution was fairly simple and ‘fair’.  However, again the liberal mindset apparently seeks to reward evil in lieu of being fair.  Heaven forbid real dangerous criminals should be punished…   severely.  Here’s the plan:

When a person is convicted of a crime, they are given a set number of points for their crime (points would be set at a national level).  Once sentenced, they are transported to the appropriate prison where they are processed in as an inmate.  Part of that process is recording their ‘points’.  If they are released and subsequently arrested and convicted of another crime, they are given points for that crime and a percentage of their original points (first crime, etc.) are added on to the last conviction.  Once again they are processed into the prison system.

Key to this process is all prisons are given a maximum point limit.  When that point limit is reached, the highest point holding prisoners are transferred to the prison with available points.  If all prisons are ‘full’, then the person with the highest number of points is ‘processed out’ — feet first.

With this approach we are guaranteed:

  1. The prisons will never be past maximum occupancy;
  2. The worst of the worst will be given the death penalty and never commit another crime and victimize innocent people again;
  3. Prison occupancy probably won’t get close to the maximum because the prisoners will ‘execute’ their own system to insure the point max is never close for the entire prison;
  4. New incoming inmates will be ‘warned’ to never show up again by those with the high point levels to insure the safety of those holding the high levels of points;
  5. Costs for prisons will be reduced due to lower occupancy;
  6. Crime in this country will probably go down — substantially;  and…
  7. Our society may return to a better behavioral system of life in this country.

Many will conceive this as a harsh and unfair system and view the designer as a mad-man.  However, what is more ‘fair’?  To victimize the innocent or the guilty?  Oh, wait a minute.  No one in prison ever did anything wrong.  Right??

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