Agenda 21 — Alive and Well ‘In Texas’

Agenda 21 has been around for several years, but the American public to a large degree is still totally unaware of its existence, much less what it stands for.  The American Policy Center was formed to help fight this insidious effort to take over the country.  The Agenda 21 crowd is just another label for the communist party within the U.S.  If you don’t know what this group is or what it stands for, you should watch the short video below presented on Fox news.  Although you may leap to the assumption that they are targeting the leftist states only, you would be surprised that they have made significant headway into TEXAS!  Already, Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio (among others) have signed up and implemented the program for their cities!

Agenda 21

— Fox News

As a second and more in depth read on this program, please watch the following video which explains what this program is and how it affects you.  (I cut the front end to reduce your viewing time.  Please watch at least five minutes worth — it’s very relevant to you.)

How Far Agenda 21 Has Come



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