Our Future Airforce 1 — Trumpette Tour

I am hearing far too many people applauding Donald Trump for his ‘brave’ stance in politics and how he is the one person who will make a difference in this country’s direction.  Apparently the American public is:  a)  All on drugs;  b)  Sound asleep;  c)  Totally deluded;  or  d)  Insane.  My vote goes to ‘D’.  Today’s American citizen is apparently using the same brain as the one who put Obama in office.  They voted for ‘hope and change’ — they got change.  Hope is rapidly waning.  The fundamental transformation of the U.S. is well along.

People have (rightly) worried about our current president attempting a take-over of this country and to declare himself the dictator of American.  (Which he has done to some extent already.)  The majority of Americans see him as an arrogant, dictatorial person who sees himself as a ‘king’ worthy of an opulent lifestyle.  i.e., Vacations worth millions on tax payer’s backs.

Today, those same people are praising Trump and lauding him as the one and only real candidate for president.  One would hope that they would consider his obvious personality traits:  arrogant, opinionated, dictatorial, ruthless, dishonest, wavering in character, and extremely ambitious.  I mean, in the thirties people used to think Mussolini was a swell guy too, but look how that turned out!

If you need further convincing to open your eyes, consider the following video.  Ask yourself, is this the sort of non-Reagan style person you want for your next president..?

Trumpette Tour



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