Human Freedom Index

America has always been known as “the home of the brave and the land of the free“.  But it doesn’t seem that way any longer..?  At least to me.

First, our children are being ‘trained‘ that the use of weapons is totally forbidden (in public schools that we pay for)!  If they point a finger at someone else, they’re made to believe there’s something wrong with them.  If a little girl brings a lunchbox to school with Wonder Woman on it, she’s told to go home for displaying a hostile environment.  Sounds great since we only have a volunteer military in this country.!!?  Who the hell will defend us?  How do you put someone like that into boot camp and expect them to come out ‘normal’.?  Talk about conflicted?!

Second, freedom in America is waning…  to say the least.  Don’t believe it?  Read the following report from the CATO institute.  Then ask yourself if you feel as free as you did 15-20 years ago?

CATO Report of Freedom


If we go where I think we are, you’re going to want some kick ass people in the military.  Not bisexual, transsexual, wimpy people who have a serious identity crisis.  You can rest assured that Russia and China won’t!!




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