New Test for High School Students — Rewrite of History

The dumbing down of America is real!!  The progressives in this country have made sure of it by instituting numerous programs to insure our kids are dumber than a rock.  Sounds pretty radical doesn’t it?

Public schools have been making the classes easier every year.  More non-English speaking kids come to this country annually and refuse to learn which in turns takes down the rest of their class with them.  Teachers are attempting to teach and the kids are pushing back more every year.  Now, our kids are having trouble passing the graduation tests to allow them to graduate high school.  Ah, but those same administrators have found a solution to this problem!!  Don’t bother to test the kids!!?

The following article was written by the Association of Mature American Citizens.  Although hard to believe, this is yet another assault on our culture and one more step to lead this country to third world status.  (Which is required in order for evil to exist throughout the world!  America and Israel are the two shinning lights of democracy left in the world.)

AMAC Article on School Testing






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