The Feds and Your Money

Too often we hear about how our federal government is spending money foolishly — i.e., our tax dollars!  The average American hasn’t the inclination to dream up such crazy ways of spending their own money like the fed’s.  We often think of ways which are at least ‘questionable’ to the average responsible person depending on their political view.

An organization, Turning Point, has collected over 300 ways which are difficult to believe and filtered that long list down to the top ’50’ of the worst spending cases they could find.  The following is that list.

Top Wacky Ways of Spend Our Money


#7 in particular burns my butt.  (Excuse the pun.)  If all of this doesn’t fry your bacon , nothing will.  (Oops, I did it again!?)   Ahhh, but what’s another trillion dollars between friends..!?  You’re good for it, right?





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