The Kim Davis Case — Gay Marriage

I know it gets old hearing it, but the truth is the truth — ‘Actions speak louder than words‘.

In Kim’s case, she demonstrates actions through principles — a lost art today.  And what does she get for acting out her belief?  A beating, because she will not think the way she is demanded to.  Her office has five other people to perform gay marriages and they are daily (five in the last week).  But this punk judge insists that she obey him, not really the law.  The fact she stands for what he does not (based on his actions) is reason enough for him to beat her down — to make a point.  Like the left so often does.

Why cannot Americans see totalitarian behavior when it’s in their face?  Our country is out of control and the sheep’le are just baying along..!?  Sick.

The following are a few excerpts from the article (link) following.  Do you think this guy has an axe to grind?  Think he ‘walks his talk’?  At least mom thinks he’s a good guy.

Despite being appointed by a Republican president, Bunning has had other rulings that have riled conservatives.

In 2007, Bunning was part of a three-judge panel on a federal appeals court to overturn a Michigan ban on partial-birth abortion, determining the language of the law to be overly broad with the potential to outlaw other legal types of abortion.

In 2003, Judge Bunning ordered the Boyd County Kentucky School District to allow the Gay-Straight Alliance, a student group, to meet on school grounds.

Boyd County held training sessions on avoiding anti-gay harassment, and penalized students with unexcused absences for not showing up. When parents sued the school district, Bunning ruled in favor of the school district.

Yet he claims to be a good Christian..?!  Unfortunately we have too many Bunnings in this country.

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