Islam In America — It’s Real, It’s Here… Now!

A friend of mine recently commented that we don’t have to worry about Islam coming to America and that Shariah law will never be implemented here.  I beg to differ.  There is an abundant amount of evidence to the contrary almost everywhere — if you merely open your eyes to the truth.

During a public speaking engagement I was giving a talk on Islam.  A gentleman in the audience asked to speak during the question and answer session.  He started with saying that he recently moved to Texas from Dearborn, Michigan.  He went on to say that we was effectively run out of that area because of the ‘Muslim influence’.  His description of his environment there sounded very similar to a gang infested area in south central Los Angeles.  The Muslim ‘immigrants’ would intimidate American citizens and block their path on sidewalks, etc.  Not a friendly environment.

The Islamist movement is a very insidious one which is moving not so slowly in this country — and is often ‘in your face‘ obvious.  The following graphic is of a marque in front of a mosque in Dearborn, Michigan.  I must ask, how much evidence do Americans need.??




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