‘Mega’ Agenda 21 — You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet!!

Far too many people in this country are totally unaware of Agenda 21, much less, know what it stands for or where it came from.  But now, the U.N. has come out with ‘Agenda 30’!!  The ‘new and improved’ Agenda 21.

Although these sound very innocuous, they could spell the end of the world economy as we know it.  In brief, they are wealth distribution on steroids!  The goal is to eliminate poverty throughout the entire world!  And the only way to meet such an extreme goal is to take from the rich (that’s you) and give it to others in another country.  (If you think you’re struggling now, just wait.)  Generosity and free contributions to those in need will no longer be required — your money will be taken from you.

As if this isn’t hard enough to believe, the current pope will be pushing this agenda.  Read the following article to learn about this world plan and how it will more than likely be part of our future.

‘Mega’ Agenda 21



It should be noted of import that our current pope is the 268th pope in history.  But of greater interest, he has been mentioned in prophecy as the ‘last pope‘ (112th) by St. Malachy.  (See BibleBelievers and read the last entry on the page at the bottom.)  What makes this even more curious is, Nostradamus predicted the same thing.  If you read this webpage toward the bottom, you’ll see what I mean.

Stay tuned folks…   we’re in for one hell of a ride over the next few years..?




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