Muslims in America and Our Future

World events are unfolding rapidly.  The world is going crazy daily as we watch the six o’clock news!  Christians are being killed every day and in a not so simple manner.  Americans are being told to not follow their faith.  Government is killing children and selling body parts for profit.  Yet as this all unfolds, our government is bringing in thousands of Muslims into this country when terrorism is epidemic.

To date, the most conservative percentage of radical Islamists that I have heard is 13%.  (Numbers as high as 30% are common.)  These are extremely important numbers.  When you put them with the number of Muslims being given permanent visas in this country, they are very scary!

Please read the following article on the current activity regarding Muslim immigration.

U.S. Annually Admits Quarter Of A Million Muslim Migrants


If you do the math, that means that we’re bringing into this country annually, the equivalent of all of ISIS each year!

As if this weren’t scary enough, I just read about the plans by al-Qaeda for world domination.  They are broken down into seven steps.  These plans were obtained by a Jordanian journalist — Fouad Hussein — who made inroads with the terrorist group and got them to open up.  The basic plans are as follows:

Phase-I:  The Muslim Awakening — 2000-2003 – Provoking the west

Phase-II:  Opening Eyes — 2003-2006 – The mainstreaming of the  cause

Phase-III:  Arising and Standing Up — 2007-2001 – Bringing to the battle:  Syria, Jordan, Turkey and others

Phase-IV:  Collapse — 2010-2013 – The revolution begins in the middle-east

Phase-V:  Caliphate — 2013-2016 – The Caliphate will be formally declared

Phase-VI:  Total Confrontation — 2016-2019 – The terrorist army will grow to great strength and war will evolve all over the world.

Phase-VII:  Definitive Victory — 2020 – The Caliphate will triumph over the west.

Note: These plans were documented in a book ‘The Second Generation of Al-Qaeda’ in 2005.

Now consider the above article about the ‘influx‘ of Muslims into this country and ask yourself, “Will you feel safe in just a few years?”

This is why the next president may well be the last true president we have in this country.  Our next leader may have different views than we would ‘normally’ expect..?  Who we vote into office next may have even more catastrophic results than the last  communist we put in the Whitehouse…




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