Islam, Muslims, and Our Future

Recently Ben Carson was ridiculed for his stance on Islam and if we should have a Muslim president.  His answer was perfect — in brief, the president’s values count.  Americans should have American values.  If not, they are obviously not assimilated properly or at all..?

When you buy into Islam, you buy into Shariah law.  If you buy into Shariah law, you do not buy into our constitution — there is only one constitution – Islam’s.!

What scares me is that the public doesn’t understand Islam and has no real interest in doing so.  They do not get it that the Islamist’s stated intent is to destroy this country and to kill everyone in it — per the Quran!  And there are two ways to do this:  all out war, and by population superiority — you out birth your enemy and become the majority!

If you think this is hyperbole and nonsense, please read the following two articles.  The first talks about the threat in Europe.  The second is right here in the U.S. — today!  And if you think things will warm up in a few decades, think again.  We can expect serious ‘issues‘ in the near future.  We added 287,000 Muslims into this country alone last year!  And the numbers you’re hearing now are B.S.  The real numbers are much higher.

Be concerned and think when you vote — it may be your last opportunity.

We Will Breed Children

We’re Going to Be the Majority Soon

Often I hear people say, “Why don’t you post something ‘positive and uplifting‘?”  My answer to you is, please find me some good news and I’ll post it.!?  In the meantime, my intent is to inform, not lift.  I have a gym and this blog, that’s enough heavy lifting for one person.



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