Communications — Russia’s Intent?

For years now I’ve suggested that one day in the future Russia would be our ‘defined‘ enemy.  My assumption is that all doubt would be removed one day by their aggressive move(s).  It may be that the treat is looming larger every day..?

The following article tells of a very large exposure to America which could cripple not only us, but many other countries simultaneously — which would be a very scary proposition.  Many may think that we, the supreme strength of the world, could hardly fall prey to attacks by such a weak foe.  That surely our government has our back and that there are countermeasures just waiting to protect our way of life.

However, we are currently exposed to EMPs and the feds have as yet spent twenty cents to protect our grid — and millions of American lives.  If we are exposed to the potential of losing 90% of the American public to an EMP, how much effort do you think they would expend to protect our internet access and economy..?

The article by Reuters describes our latest exposure.

U.S. concerned by Russian operations


This concern is all over the world by the way.  Europe is just as concerned as indicated by the number of articles from news media overseas.




Theft From Americans — Complements IRS

You may think this report is impossible and an exaggeration.  However, it is not.  This story goes back over a decade!  But not to worry, it’s only a loss of billions of dollars per year that we’re losing — of YOUR money!

Sounds crazy?  Yes.  But this is real and a truly informative report.  The following video was created years ago and it was made by a news channel on TV.  I watched this report over two years ago myself.  Yet, this scam continues today.  If the IRS refuses to listen to their own watchdog government organization, why would they listen to anybody?

Worse, if illegals are doing this now, what do you think dishonest non-Christian immigrants from the middle-east are going to do when they get here and learn of this ‘scam’??  Have any money left?  Get ready to shell out more!

The Massive Tax Loophole

This is the result of an out of control corrupt government with an agenda.  Unfortunately the American public doesn’t understand what that agenda is or who is controlling it.  That is what I’m trying to educate the public about it.  Read some of my other articles and you’ll learn who and why.


The Story Behind The Story

Almost everyone has heard about the American GI who was disciplined for striking a Muslim for molesting a child.  Most Americans are appalled by such deviant sexual behavior and angered with our military for ‘taking the wrong side’.

The GI who took the action of slapping the ‘police officer’ for molesting a child was also angered — which motivated his strong response to the poor kid crying out for help.  The police officer on the other hand should have been helping the kid, not raping him.

As a result of all of this the American public is not only angered, but confused.  How is this possible?  That tune can be answered in two notes:  ‘Bacha Bazi’.  It is an Afghan (Muslim) ‘custom’.!?  Yes, Muslim.  The same people who throw people off of buildings for being gay.

I know this is a disgusting topic, but I only post this (like many others) to educate the public.  My intent is to help you understand what is going on and why.

The following link describes this ‘custom’ and the basics of it in short terms.

Bacha Bazi — A Synopsis


The link below is a video in more detail with an expose of the subject showing boys being dressed like girls, auctioned, sold for sex, and murdered.  This, from the same ‘religion of peace’ that brings us ISIS.  (Which, as you’ve heard are doing the same things as those in this story — including kidnapping, raping, and the enslavement of girls 9-18 years old.)

Bacha Bazi — PBS Expose


Isn’t it a great thing to look forward to in this country to have happening to our children??  Believe me, this goes on in all Muslim countries — regardless of what ‘they’ tell you — starting with the raping of nephews as a right of uncles.




America — The Leader of the World

Many countries around the world look to America for leadership.  This has been true for decades with great success throughout the world leading to better lives for many.  However, that leadership can also have a bad influence.

America, for decades and numerous presidents (administrations), has been an ‘open boarder’ country.  Although the vast majority of Americans want our borders closed and controlled like most other countries were, politicians have insured they remain open to insure their objectives(?) are met.  Now today, other countries are once again following our lead.

The administration is currently allowing 100’s of thousands of Muslims into our country, while at the same time keeping Christians out!!?  “What’s up with that”, you might ask?  Simple, follow the actions, not the words and use (not so) common sense.

Now European countries are once again following our lead.  e.g., Germany.  Now Angela Merkel is allowing tens of thousands of Muslims to enter Germany and immediately go on their welfare system.  Because Germany is already in trouble financially, this is an anchor being added to their sinking boat.

When this sort of behavior is observed by the public, they get mad!  Once they get mad enough, they act.  The following article is yet another example of growing fascism and Nazism in Europe.  The question is, if the American public get mad enough, can we expect the same here?

Germany’s rising far-right



The Syrian War — An Explanation

What the American public don’t know is world history.  They don’t know what the Russian goals were over 100 years ago.  They don’t know, to a large part, what has happened in the world over those 100 years.  One of those key Russian objectives was to take over the European continent.

Now today the Russians are ‘roostering up’, as they say, due to weak American (presidential) policy.  We hear that they are in Syria, but too many of us don’t know ‘who’ they are fighting.

The following video tells the story with significant detail.  It’s pretty fast moving, so you’ll have to pay attention.  You’ll see how complex this ‘war’ is in the end — and worse, where it can lead.

Syrian War — An Explanation






Setting the Stage for Another Financial Crisis

‘If you don’t learn from history, you’re doomed to repeat it.’ — what a scary cliche.  Yet, our federal government with all of it’s power and influence continues to do the same thing…  over and over.  (Maybe they should read up on Einstein.?)

Recently I heard Glenn Beck talking about home loans.  He indicated that he looked into a loan and with his financial record (great) he was hard pressed to be granted a loan..?  One should ask why someone like him can’t get a loan, yet those with poor credit and little or no down payment can..?  My guess is they want ‘some groups’ to buy homes and others not.  The only way that would make sense is if they want to gain access to homes cheap knowing that they would soon be in default.  i.e., The quasi-government (BIG banks) owning the property making it ‘state owned’ property.  Hmmm..?  What sort of government would want to do that?

Steve Moore is one of the brighter economists who wrote the following article.  Once again, he poses that the feds are setting us up to fail much like they did in 2008.

Washington Sets the Stage



Obamacare — How Not To

Yet another sore subject.  One that has cost the American public billions in funds, not to mention stomach acid over poor health care.  As if this weren’t enough, the current administration is not done — not by a long shot.

The following article tells of how we lose money annually due to this ‘well managed’ health program created by the left.  Ah, but not to worry!  In 2016 premiums will go up again, and those who don’t have Obamacare will be penalized double of what they were in 2015!  Don’t worry feds, there’s more money where that came from!?!  @#$%

Government-Funded Insurance Companies Collapse


I’ve heard Americans say for decades that we should be more like those in Europe — e.g., police having no guns, etc.  Well, watch what you ask for, you might get it…