A Potential New Energy Source

The world has been using fossil fuels for millions of years to heat their homes and power machinery.  One of the best ‘engines’ of today is the nuclear reactor.  However, there’s a new source of energy on the horizon — thorium fueled reactors.

Imagine a fuel source that is less expensive, safer, creates no environment hostile gases, etc. and there is a limitless supply of it.  Why heck, the Iranians could shut down their operations creating ‘nuclear energy’.!!?   🙂

Watch this video on what it is, how it works, and its potential for the world.  It would be great to think we could have these in just a few years, but then we’d have to get around politicians, bureaucrats, and greedy capitalists..!?

Thorium Reactors

For information on this topic, do a search in YouTube.com using the words ‘Thorium Reactors’ in the search box. You will learn more on this subject.  Such as this solution has been around since the 60’s!!  What was I saying.?!




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