Donald Trump & The Feds

It’s getting to be that few people care for the feds.  We are facing a tyrannical government which tramples on the rights of free American citizens.  (Certainly not congress’s though.)  One of the ways they do so is by ‘taking‘ privately owned land from citizens.  The following link points to a story which typifies that process — eminent domain.  Which by the way is a fun ‘tool‘ used by none other than Donald Trump.  He has demonstrated by his actions that he has no problem taking land/property from old ladies — much less burly men.

It’s not bad enough the ignorant people of this country put a dictator in office to destroy…  ‘er fundamentally transform this country.  But now the other half of the country (the sane people?) are actually considering Trump for the replacement dictator.  What a crazy world!!?

Texas Rancher Land No Longer Belongs to Him



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