America — The Leader of the World

Many countries around the world look to America for leadership.  This has been true for decades with great success throughout the world leading to better lives for many.  However, that leadership can also have a bad influence.

America, for decades and numerous presidents (administrations), has been an ‘open boarder’ country.  Although the vast majority of Americans want our borders closed and controlled like most other countries were, politicians have insured they remain open to insure their objectives(?) are met.  Now today, other countries are once again following our lead.

The administration is currently allowing 100’s of thousands of Muslims into our country, while at the same time keeping Christians out!!?  “What’s up with that”, you might ask?  Simple, follow the actions, not the words and use (not so) common sense.

Now European countries are once again following our lead.  e.g., Germany.  Now Angela Merkel is allowing tens of thousands of Muslims to enter Germany and immediately go on their welfare system.  Because Germany is already in trouble financially, this is an anchor being added to their sinking boat.

When this sort of behavior is observed by the public, they get mad!  Once they get mad enough, they act.  The following article is yet another example of growing fascism and Nazism in Europe.  The question is, if the American public get mad enough, can we expect the same here?

Germany’s rising far-right




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