Obamacare — How Not To

Yet another sore subject.  One that has cost the American public billions in funds, not to mention stomach acid over poor health care.  As if this weren’t enough, the current administration is not done — not by a long shot.

The following article tells of how we lose money annually due to this ‘well managed’ health program created by the left.  Ah, but not to worry!  In 2016 premiums will go up again, and those who don’t have Obamacare will be penalized double of what they were in 2015!  Don’t worry feds, there’s more money where that came from!?!  @#$%

Government-Funded Insurance Companies Collapse


I’ve heard Americans say for decades that we should be more like those in Europe — e.g., police having no guns, etc.  Well, watch what you ask for, you might get it…




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