Setting the Stage for Another Financial Crisis

‘If you don’t learn from history, you’re doomed to repeat it.’ — what a scary cliche.  Yet, our federal government with all of it’s power and influence continues to do the same thing…  over and over.  (Maybe they should read up on Einstein.?)

Recently I heard Glenn Beck talking about home loans.  He indicated that he looked into a loan and with his financial record (great) he was hard pressed to be granted a loan..?  One should ask why someone like him can’t get a loan, yet those with poor credit and little or no down payment can..?  My guess is they want ‘some groups’ to buy homes and others not.  The only way that would make sense is if they want to gain access to homes cheap knowing that they would soon be in default.  i.e., The quasi-government (BIG banks) owning the property making it ‘state owned’ property.  Hmmm..?  What sort of government would want to do that?

Steve Moore is one of the brighter economists who wrote the following article.  Once again, he poses that the feds are setting us up to fail much like they did in 2008.

Washington Sets the Stage




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