The Story Behind The Story

Almost everyone has heard about the American GI who was disciplined for striking a Muslim for molesting a child.  Most Americans are appalled by such deviant sexual behavior and angered with our military for ‘taking the wrong side’.

The GI who took the action of slapping the ‘police officer’ for molesting a child was also angered — which motivated his strong response to the poor kid crying out for help.  The police officer on the other hand should have been helping the kid, not raping him.

As a result of all of this the American public is not only angered, but confused.  How is this possible?  That tune can be answered in two notes:  ‘Bacha Bazi’.  It is an Afghan (Muslim) ‘custom’.!?  Yes, Muslim.  The same people who throw people off of buildings for being gay.

I know this is a disgusting topic, but I only post this (like many others) to educate the public.  My intent is to help you understand what is going on and why.

The following link describes this ‘custom’ and the basics of it in short terms.

Bacha Bazi — A Synopsis


The link below is a video in more detail with an expose of the subject showing boys being dressed like girls, auctioned, sold for sex, and murdered.  This, from the same ‘religion of peace’ that brings us ISIS.  (Which, as you’ve heard are doing the same things as those in this story — including kidnapping, raping, and the enslavement of girls 9-18 years old.)

Bacha Bazi — PBS Expose


Isn’t it a great thing to look forward to in this country to have happening to our children??  Believe me, this goes on in all Muslim countries — regardless of what ‘they’ tell you — starting with the raping of nephews as a right of uncles.





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