Theft From Americans — Complements IRS

You may think this report is impossible and an exaggeration.  However, it is not.  This story goes back over a decade!  But not to worry, it’s only a loss of billions of dollars per year that we’re losing — of YOUR money!

Sounds crazy?  Yes.  But this is real and a truly informative report.  The following video was created years ago and it was made by a news channel on TV.  I watched this report over two years ago myself.  Yet, this scam continues today.  If the IRS refuses to listen to their own watchdog government organization, why would they listen to anybody?

Worse, if illegals are doing this now, what do you think dishonest non-Christian immigrants from the middle-east are going to do when they get here and learn of this ‘scam’??  Have any money left?  Get ready to shell out more!

The Massive Tax Loophole

This is the result of an out of control corrupt government with an agenda.  Unfortunately the American public doesn’t understand what that agenda is or who is controlling it.  That is what I’m trying to educate the public about it.  Read some of my other articles and you’ll learn who and why.



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