Communications — Russia’s Intent?

For years now I’ve suggested that one day in the future Russia would be our ‘defined‘ enemy.  My assumption is that all doubt would be removed one day by their aggressive move(s).  It may be that the treat is looming larger every day..?

The following article tells of a very large exposure to America which could cripple not only us, but many other countries simultaneously — which would be a very scary proposition.  Many may think that we, the supreme strength of the world, could hardly fall prey to attacks by such a weak foe.  That surely our government has our back and that there are countermeasures just waiting to protect our way of life.

However, we are currently exposed to EMPs and the feds have as yet spent twenty cents to protect our grid — and millions of American lives.  If we are exposed to the potential of losing 90% of the American public to an EMP, how much effort do you think they would expend to protect our internet access and economy..?

The article by Reuters describes our latest exposure.

U.S. concerned by Russian operations


This concern is all over the world by the way.  Europe is just as concerned as indicated by the number of articles from news media overseas.




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