IRS Policy Hides Identity Theft

We’d all like to believe that our federal government wants the best for ‘all’ American citizens.  However there is mounting evidence to the contrary.  You know, that if you even attempt to cheat the feds out of their money, you’re in deep trouble.  At the least, you’re looking at serious fines, and the worst, prison time.  However like with so many other issues today, we are seeing selective enforcement of IRS laws (as well others).

The following article demonstrates that not only is the IRS helping criminals, but they’re refusing to protect their victims!  And those victims are potentially YOU!  It is understandable if some new criminal scam went un-prosecuted.  But you’d think 20 years is a reasonable amount of time to ‘catch up’..?

IRS policy hides identity theft

One should ask what this administration’s objective(s) is for this country?!   If you follow the actions of them, it sure points to an ugly path.



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