Vetting Refugees — Do We Trust the Feds?

You are hearing from the Whitehouse that there’s no reason to stop refugees from coming into this country.  Our government wants us to believe that they are more than capable of doing backgrounds (vetting) on those running from oppression.

Well, maybe not.  You probably won’t see this news anywhere else.  But this is probably one of the most important bits of news you’ll see regarding the current flood of immigration into this country.

First, the following article tells of how “73 people” were hired by the TSA who are on our terrorist watch list.  Yes, it is true.  The evidence is listed below.  But of import, one must ask that if we can’t even keep terrorists out of the TSA when hiring 100’s taking our time, how do we vet 1000’s of people flooding into this country from backward, third-world countries with no valid records to vet in short order..?

DHS Investigation reveals potential terrorists working for the TSA


But there’s more!  The following is the actual report from the DHS showing how egregious this ‘error’ is and can potentially impact Americans.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Inspector General Report on Security Failure — June 4th


Now put that with the BS you are being told regarding the number of ‘potential’ terrorists in the Muslim community.  You are also being told that maybe 1-2% of Muslims are ‘potential’ terrorists.  But from the internal (FBI/CIA) experts I have heard from, that number is more like 13%! Also of import, it is important to know that according to studies previously done, that Muslims are ‘converted’ to terrorism faster once they come into this country!  And, if you do the math, we have 2.5M Muslims here already!  So if only 10% were potentially terrorists, that would mean we now have 250,000 of them.?!

Pew Research statistics draws a somewhat different perspective also.

Statistics from Pew Research:

Views about government aid to the poor among Muslims — 63% does more good than harm

Views about size of government among Muslims — 73% bigger government and more services

Party affiliation among Muslims — 62% democrat

Interpreting scripture among Muslims — 42% Quran should be taken literally (all of it); 31% some

Importance of religion among Muslims — 64% very important

Belief in absolute standards for right and wrong among Muslims — 76% depends on the situation

[Put these last three statistics together and you should conclude that:  the Quran is the word of God, it is very important, and should be used depending on the situation.]

Age distribution among Muslims
Survey     18-29     30-49     50-64     65+     Sample
Year                    Size
2014     44%     37%     13%     5%     234
2007     33%     46%     17%     3%     114


More data from Pew Research:


Most Older Adults Say Islam Encourages Violence More than Other Religions

I don’t know about you, but “I’m” concerned..?!



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