Good Police Officer — A Definition

While conducting business in our local police station recently, I was reading one of their brochures and saw what struck me as a 21st century truth here in America (at least).  In our days of mistrust, dislike, and in some cases hate, our expectations are often denied creating this massive divide in our culture.  The following may explain why..?

What is a good cop?

One former chief of police described what the public expects of its police in the following way — Bain, 1939.

“The citizen expects police officers to have the wisdom of Solomon, the courage of David, the strength of Samson, the patience of Job, the leadership of Moses, the kindness of the Good Samaritan, the strategic training of Alexander, the faith of Daniel, the diplomacy of Lincoln, the tolerance of the Carpenter of Nazareth, and finally an intimate knowledge of every branch of the natural, biological, and social sciences.  If they had all of these traits, he might be a good policeman.?!”

One must ask one’s self, “What level of expectations could ‘I’ achieve?”




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