Postings and Future Postings

In case anyone was wondering..?  I have not been posting much lately for two reasons.  First, I got a bought of flu in November followed by an accident injuring my foot, Christmas, and then a vacation in the Bahamas.  Not all bad news, but not all good.

Secondly, as those near by know, I have been sending out an email with the latest postings on this blog indicating the titles and a brief synopsis of those articles weekly.  That is about to stop.  After several conversations with those on distribution and finding they had not read what I had posted, I’ve decided to discontinue that process.  In the future, anyone can be apprised of what I post by merely clicking on the ‘FOLLOW POSTS’ (green) button found toward the bottom on the right side of the page.  By using this new technique you will receive an email in your in-basket whenever a new article is posted.

An alternative method of reading my posts is by following my Facebook page Justice4USA.  Anything posted on this website is also duplicated on Facebook.

I might also add that the frequency of posts will probably be less than in the past.  I am trying to spend my time where I believe it is most beneficial.  Understand that the intent of my blog is to post only those topics that are not covered in the mainstream and to not repeat what has already been beat to death in the press.  I don’t want to waste your time either.

Hopefully you will find the things posted on this blog beneficial to you.  In the future all comments made will not be reviewed prior to posting for all to read.  Please respect the other readers with your comments.