The Land of the Free..?

Within the last few years we have learned the ‘new meaning’ of drones.  We now hear about them all of the time.  But, that may come to an end …  soon.  With our cancerous federal government seeing a new ‘entity’ to attack, they have determined it is a potential new source of money and opportunity to imprison those who value their liberty.

Think these are strong words and unsupported?  OK, let’s use this analogy.  Let’s say you go next door and punch your neighbor in the nose — just for grins.  What sort of punishment do you think you’d get?  Alright now let’s compare that to flying a drone less than ‘one pound‘ in the air without registering it first with the furor’s bureaucracy.  Let’s see what you’d get for that..?!

Government Drone Registry

So how’s that work for you..?  Welcome to the 21st century America — the home of the scared!






Donald Trump & 1st Amendment

When you are a leader, you typically have three choices when making decisions.  1)  Do what is right for your people;  2)  Do what is right for you;  3)  Do what is right for both.  If the leader is one based in ‘good’ values, character, and morals, he’ll typically shoot for #3 — at best.

But when you have a leader who is out for himself first, the process is a bit different.  Trump, in my opinion is out for #1.  If you don’t think so, watch the following video and answer these simple questions.

  1. How important do you think he believes the 1st amendment is to this country?
  2. How important do you think freedom of the press is in his mind?
  3. How vindictive do you think he can be if you are identified as his enemy?
  4. If you don’t think he’s out to make money — a LOT of money — why would he want to sue people with such vigor?
  5. And lastly, does this man sound like he wants to do what is good for his people?

Donald Trump on Freedom of Speech

How did this country ever get to this point??

Trump Part-II

As a second point on Trump’s character, you might watch this video to see once again what he believes about the 1st amendment and the police.  Apparently he doesn’t believe a person should be able to wear a T-shirt that offends him.  And the police in his mind (aka, brown-shirts) don’t respond how he’d like when he’s offended.  Give someone like this real power and what do you have?  A fascist.  ala, Mussolini..!!

Mussolini — 21st Century Style





Venom Kills Cancer Cells

I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how we may be in the ‘end times’.  One of the predictions of the bible is that in the end times knowledge will be growing at a very rapid rate.  Seen that lately?

As crazy as it may sound, the cure for cancer may be right around the corner — in the ‘big clock’ time.  A discovery was made last year showing that a hornet in Brazil has the ability of killing cancer cells!  Sounds nuts?  Read the scientific report below.

Brazilian Hornet — Savior of Mankind




U.S. Economy — What Trick is Next?

We have been fortunate (?) enough to witness QE1, QE2, …  And where are we now?  In twice the debt before we started this nonsense.  For those financiers, Keynesian economics doesn’t work.!!

So what about the rest of the world?  We love England — their police don’t carry guns!  They probably know better?  We should be more like them!  (Heard that before?)  Well, read the following article to see what’s happening overseas.  It is reasonable to project that we could experience something similar.  Some day..?

UK Economic Solutions

By the way …  gold has risen almost $250/oz. in the last couple of months.  Think that may relate to something else going on..?   Hmmm..?




Is The Republican Party Dead in Christian America?

Anyone who’s paying attention should see that our country is slipping away — and not so slowly.  We’re moving further and further left every year — even Christians.

The following report pretty much sums up why getting a republican president into office will be progressively harder year after year for some time to come.  The evangelicals are those that the right depends on.  But maybe not for much longer..?

Christians and Parties in America

Focus on the chart displayed in the report, it says a lot!





The American Dream Is Dead

Every week we hear from the feds via the media how our economy is improving.  Yet I don’t know anyone who says it has affected them in a positive fashion.  We hear that inflation is almost zero.  Yet groceries keep getting more expensive monthly.

The following was taken from the End of the American Dream website — Feb. 4th, 2016.  It really sheds a different set of numbers on our situation than what you hear from CNN, that’s for sure.

The American Dream Is Dead





Big Brother — He’s Here

If Hitler, Stalin, et al had the technology we have today, we’d probably all be speaking either German or Russian.  If you think the step from socialism to communism is a big one, you have it all wrong.  The only difference between the two is the loss of your rights.  Then you’re really in big trouble.  Go Bernie!!

With today’s technology, ‘ new laws’ could be easily enforced far better than in the 30’s.  What laws you ask?  How about the loss of the 1st amendment?  Or maybe the 2nd?  How about the 4th and 5th?  But hey, we can afford to lose those, right?

With those laws gone, you could not speak out against a tyrannical government, protect yourself from them, or have due process — i.e., get thrown in jail without trial, foreverNow just imagine the following technology in existence today!!?

Communications Surveillance


If you don’t believe this is possible, just ask around.  Maybe check with Venezuela..?  Today the police are shooting people in the streets and their homes if they are ‘suspected of being‘ a protester.  Trust me, it’s only a matter of steps…  and we’re getting closer, every day.