Religion in the U.S. and Statistics

I’ve heard so many conversations recently regarding Christians in the U.S. lately.  Consequently I thought it would be helpful to post some statistics regarding Christians.  Most in this post was obtained from Pew Research.

If you review the numerous charts available you should be able to glean out of them several bits of information.  Such as:  how people’s belief systems affect their judgement regarding right and wrong;  what age groups are more or less religious;  political affiliations;  philosophical leanings based on frequency of church attendance, etc.

Topics & Questions Regarding Religion in America

(Scroll down on the page to particularly view the ‘Topics & Questions’ information.)

I also added the following article regarding the current direction of the country with regard to religious activity in the U.S.

Christians Decline Sharply as Share of Population; Unaffiliated and Other Faiths Continue to Grow

Based on the above information, I would propose that the United States is moving away from being a Judaeo-Christian society and becoming more secular.  Which, should alter their value system and decision making process.





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