The Threat Still Exists

It’s been awhile since the San Bernardino incident involving the two jihadists.  And like 911, I assume that America is slowing going back to sleep..?  However, the threat has not subsided, it has grown!

The following article discusses a newly discovered book written for those wishing to strike ‘western’ cities and people.  It describes how to disguise yourself so that you can not be discovered easily.  When I first read it, I thought I’d verify the veracity of the story.  So I Googled ‘Safety and Security Guidelines for Lone Wolf’.  (Try it.)  I was struck by the number of hits I received and decided the Israelis are probably a good source (below).  The following is the original article that caught my attention.

ISIS Playbook – Look Like Western Christians

Top 6 ISIS Tips for Lone Wolf Terrorists


Both are well worth reading.  Maybe we should consider this sort of information when thinking about admitting ‘Christians’ in the country?  But who knows..?




2 thoughts on “The Threat Still Exists”

  1. We will never stop this or at least have some control over it until we implement Trump’s immigration policy and stop cowtowing to radical Muslim policies. getting rid of Obama,Hillary and Bernie is a start

    Franklin Demuth


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