Why I Won’t Vote for Trump

I was approached by someone recently and told, “All politicians are liars.  You don’t know which one to believe.”  Which is difficult to argue.  But I would submit is that a person’s history (what they have done) says a lot more than what they say.

The following is a YouTube ‘audio’ of one of Glenn Beck’s radio shows.  Although Trump tells one story, his past tells another.  This audio covers a great deal of his history and exposes what his real character was then and now.  If he kills all trust in him in the past, why should we trust him today!!?

Glenn Beck Radio — A History of Donald Trump


Consider the above when it comes time to vote.




2 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Vote for Trump”

    1. Let me answer this way. I don’t think it will matter.

      If he’s against Clinton, then at ‘best’ we have another term of Obama — which leads to our demise… eventually. If it’s Sanders, then I think this country will sink into chaos in very short order.

      If Trump wins, I believe we’re looking at things that the public can’t even imagine. He’s extremely dangerous — at least as bad as the first two examples of ‘leadership’.


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