The Worst Choice — Yet the Best Choice

Robert Reich has made my point.  Isn’t it great!!  Here we are in this crazy 21st century world where a hardcore leftist has to make the point of a hardcore, right-wing, bible thumpin’ person like me.  Go figure.

Mr. Reich is the nation’s 22nd Secretary of Labor and a professor at the University of California at Berkeley.   Among his great accomplishments, he has authored a video (DVD) entitled ‘Inequality for All‘.  As a Bernie Sanders lover, he is convinced that the only person to serve this country is the currently running socialist.  And to make his point he has the following video to argue his point — Ted Cruz is more dangerous than Donald Trump!!

Why Cruz is more dangerous than Trump


You have to love this guy!  Now if I can just get those who are convinced that Mr. Trump is the only answer to our current problems to reconsider Mr. Cruz as a better answer to America’s situation..?!

If this is the way the enemy perceives Cruz, then he’s the man for me!




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