Big Brother — He’s Here

If Hitler, Stalin, et al had the technology we have today, we’d probably all be speaking either German or Russian.  If you think the step from socialism to communism is a big one, you have it all wrong.  The only difference between the two is the loss of your rights.  Then you’re really in big trouble.  Go Bernie!!

With today’s technology, ‘ new laws’ could be easily enforced far better than in the 30’s.  What laws you ask?  How about the loss of the 1st amendment?  Or maybe the 2nd?  How about the 4th and 5th?  But hey, we can afford to lose those, right?

With those laws gone, you could not speak out against a tyrannical government, protect yourself from them, or have due process — i.e., get thrown in jail without trial, foreverNow just imagine the following technology in existence today!!?

Communications Surveillance


If you don’t believe this is possible, just ask around.  Maybe check with Venezuela..?  Today the police are shooting people in the streets and their homes if they are ‘suspected of being‘ a protester.  Trust me, it’s only a matter of steps…  and we’re getting closer, every day.





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