How ‘Crazy People’ Come to Power

We often look back at history and wonder what the heck those people were thinking?!  How could there be so much mass hysteria?  Well, it’s one thing to criticize others, but we should look at ourselves today and wonder also.

Mussolini was a crazy man filled with power, ego, and bravado.  He helped put the Italian people in a hurt they couldn’t stand.  And eventually they got even when they murdered him and his wife.  That was the end of the current fascist.

Now today we’re trying to do the same thing as Italy and Austria in the 30’s.  Read the following article on who’s running in our current election and what sounds somewhat familiar to the world’s historical past.

Harvard Professor: Watching Donald Trump

This is truly scary stuff…







2 thoughts on “How ‘Crazy People’ Come to Power”

  1. As I said last night, Kasich and Carson drops out and Cruz and Rubio agree to a Pres/vp combination between them.That’s the only way Trump gets stopped. And they need to do it after Super Tuesday.

    Franklin Demuth


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