The American Dream Is Dead

Every week we hear from the feds via the media how our economy is improving.  Yet I don’t know anyone who says it has affected them in a positive fashion.  We hear that inflation is almost zero.  Yet groceries keep getting more expensive monthly.

The following was taken from the End of the American Dream website — Feb. 4th, 2016.  It really sheds a different set of numbers on our situation than what you hear from CNN, that’s for sure.

The American Dream Is Dead






2 thoughts on “The American Dream Is Dead”

  1. It’s my birthday, Phil, so I’m going to give you a gift. You now DO know someone who says the bad economy affected them in a positive way. There are a thousand positives above and beyond the accumulation of more money and possessions.

    Problems in the economy forced my wife and I to re-consider our lifestyle to a degree we never had to during “better times”. We fashioned a life together that is now less dependent upon materialism, and more in line with our religious values. The gain of that transformation is a positive well beyond any price you can name. We are happier, have less stress, better health and more energy and time to put into the service activities that make life meaningful. We now own less and earn less, but are richer in every way that matters most to us.


    1. I am very happy to hear about your new situation. I have a friend who has lost a LOT over recent years. But, if this country goes where I think, he will survive because he’s keeping the four things needed – BBBB.
      o Beans
      o Bullets
      o Bandaids
      o Bible
      The latter helps when all else fails. 🙂


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