U.S. Economy — What Trick is Next?

We have been fortunate (?) enough to witness QE1, QE2, …  And where are we now?  In twice the debt before we started this nonsense.  For those financiers, Keynesian economics doesn’t work.!!

So what about the rest of the world?  We love England — their police don’t carry guns!  They probably know better?  We should be more like them!  (Heard that before?)  Well, read the following article to see what’s happening overseas.  It is reasonable to project that we could experience something similar.  Some day..?

UK Economic Solutions

By the way …  gold has risen almost $250/oz. in the last couple of months.  Think that may relate to something else going on..?   Hmmm..?





One thought on “U.S. Economy — What Trick is Next?”

  1. Watch the dollar. Gold moves opposite the dollar. Also part of the rise in gold is due to people covering their gold shorts.Also depends on what the FED does on rates.

    Franklin Demuth


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