Donald Trump & 1st Amendment

When you are a leader, you typically have three choices when making decisions.  1)  Do what is right for your people;  2)  Do what is right for you;  3)  Do what is right for both.  If the leader is one based in ‘good’ values, character, and morals, he’ll typically shoot for #3 — at best.

But when you have a leader who is out for himself first, the process is a bit different.  Trump, in my opinion is out for #1.  If you don’t think so, watch the following video and answer these simple questions.

  1. How important do you think he believes the 1st amendment is to this country?
  2. How important do you think freedom of the press is in his mind?
  3. How vindictive do you think he can be if you are identified as his enemy?
  4. If you don’t think he’s out to make money — a LOT of money — why would he want to sue people with such vigor?
  5. And lastly, does this man sound like he wants to do what is good for his people?

Donald Trump on Freedom of Speech

How did this country ever get to this point??

Trump Part-II

As a second point on Trump’s character, you might watch this video to see once again what he believes about the 1st amendment and the police.  Apparently he doesn’t believe a person should be able to wear a T-shirt that offends him.  And the police in his mind (aka, brown-shirts) don’t respond how he’d like when he’s offended.  Give someone like this real power and what do you have?  A fascist.  ala, Mussolini..!!

Mussolini — 21st Century Style






2 thoughts on “Donald Trump & 1st Amendment”

  1. So, who else would he want to sue for libel? People like talk show hosts who speak their opinions? It’s all about him and his vindictiveness – tapping into people’s anger… still.


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