Communism — A Brief Education

Far too many people in this country aren’t even aware of what communism is, much less understand its implications.  And, many of those people will not believe that it is possible for communism to exist within this country.  Which shouldn’t be too hard to grasp since we have a Marxist running for the office of the presidency  currently!!  i.e., Bernie Sanders  (Not to mention the one in office now.)

I would ask that you take a few minutes to listen to at least one or two of these audio files.  The future of this country depends on people like you to be educated and aware of what is going on — and what it is leading to in this country.  If you don’t want your kids living in a gulag and/or being killed because they won’t support the ‘new world order’, I’d suggest you take the first step toward making a difference…   now!!

Be sure the click on the audio (graphic) on the page to listen to the talk.

Communism Part I — Genesis of Marxism and its Growth

Communism Part II — Spreading of Marxism Throughout the World

Communism Part III — Rise in America (Priority listening)

Communism Part IV — American Radicals Lead the Way

If you won’t take just a few minutes to listen to these fact based lectures on communism, don’t complain to anyone when you are faced with the results of it — in the very near future.  They’ve been paving the way for decades — since 1920 or earlier.



When is WWIII?

I’ve been telling people for over 30 years when world war three will happen.  And almost to a person I’ve been told, “You’re nuts!”  To help insure my insanity plea, I have followed that with who would be attacking us — Russia and China.

So let’s start with the ‘when’ part of my crazy rant.  Throughout history, wars have been fought for numerous reasons.  But one of the key reasons out of that list has been over things of value — i.e., money/wealth.  Typically this is because of greed or economic disaster.  Today the world is facing an economic disaster.  When you are hungry, that sounds like a personal problem.  But when I am hungry, that’s a different matter.  The worst case is when we both are hungry — then the fun really begins.

Without going into detail, many countries around the world today are facing economic ruin — and that includes us!  Debt is piling up at an unprecedented rate all over the world.  When that happens war is usually not too far behind, much like WWII.  Although the reason(s) were different then, the end result was the same — anger and hunger for power.

So why Russia and China?  They’re both enemies, no?  This question can be answered with an old cliche — ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend.’  Today the U.S. is the enemy of both Russia and China.  It may not be obvious, but they both have their reasons.

But China depends on our buying ‘stuff’.  They wouldn’t attack us.  They depend on us, no?  All of which has been true.  But things are changing.  China’s economy is imploding.  And unlike the U.S., they have a communist system of government.  When the people of China (many millions) get hungry, they get mad at the ‘party‘.  The communist party (the elite) typically find a scapegoat for their people direct their anger.  Today that ‘goat’ would be America!

Now put that together with a regime which is struggling to stay alive (Russia) and who has dreams of becoming a world power.  Add in the fact that the U.S. has demonstrated themselves to be weak and unable/willing to protect themselves for almost a decade.  What we have is a formula for big trouble.

Lastly when these powers join forces, they do not intend to do so indefinitely.  They are, in my opinion, going to play ‘king of the mountain’.  The two strong countries, willing to fight, gang up on the weak current leader.  Then once they’ve toppled that leader, they fight to see which of the two challengers will ultimately be the world power.

Given the above arguments, add in the fact that both of those powers have been building their war machines for 10-15 years in overdrive!  (Faster than Hitler before WWII.)  Not with troops, but technology.  I don’t think it is unreasonable to estimate a significant war effort within the next ten years or sooner.  Time will tell.  But believe me, you will hear ‘I told you so’ from me…  assuming I’m still around..?

Need more evidence?  Read the following report on what those two countries are up to now.  Believe me, you will see more on this topic from the media in the future when it is so scary that they can’t hide it any more.

The Power Two & U.S. Satellites


During the Iraq war, China’s military were amazed on how fast we accomplished so much in so little time.  Their conclusion?  The giant had good vision – satellites in the sky.  Information and communications goes a long way on a battlefield.  And what they learned is, if we poke the eyes of the giant he will be blind.  Then we have a chance to beat him.  Well folks, here’s their answer to winning…?





SCOTUS & 2nd Amendment

Although we live in the freest country in the world — today and yesterday — we are free only as long as we work to keep our freedom.  Because Americans are too lazy and often self-centered to care about tomorrow (normalcy bias), we are in the process of losing our freedoms every year.

One of those key freedoms is our right to bear arms.  i.e., the 2nd amendment.  And although many believe it cannot be destroyed, a great deal of effort is being expended to do just that — now!  Enter House Bill 4269…

The actual text of the bill is available in the link below.  But in brief, it destroys our right to have any semi-automatic weapons — not assault weapons, but ANY weapons worth having.  Again, it doesn’t mean scary looking black ‘guns’, but rifles, shotguns, and handguns!

No, this isn’t a rumor, it’s out there now.  If the supreme court chose to, we would be in deep trouble.  The last time they voted on this issue, it failed 5 to 4 — which is a close call!  Now imagine Hillary getting into office and getting not one but two crazy lefties on the federal court.  That ladies and gentlemen would be the end of your right to protect yourself from one of the scariest authorities today — the U.S. federal government!

Our election in November will be the most important in many decades.  It could mean the end of the republic as we know it.  And, it would damn you and your children to a life that is not imaginable in the future.

What scares me worse than that, is the people we have today voting.  The same people who brought us a Marxist Muslim…   twice!


House Bill 4269







Mohammad — Template for an Islamist

If you ever get in a discussion with someone regarding what an Islamist is versus a Muslim, the following video is worth viewing — it’s only four minutes.

To know who Mohammad is and what he did is to know Islam.  To be a good Muslim (according to their teachings) is to emulate Mohammad as best you can through what you say and what you do.  Therefore if you know Mohammad, you know Islam — and what we refer to today as an Islamist.

Debating Islam

And if you want to learn more about Mohammad, here’s a free short book on him to read.  To be informed is to be forearmed.  We are at war with those who say they are the true Muslims vs. the lesser Muslims (i.e., those that they kill).

The Life of Mohammad







How To Quiet Your Opponent & Control People

During WWII Hitler viewed people with handicaps as ‘sub-human’ and did his best to eliminate them.  Additionally, all through history we’ve heard of stories about how ‘mental disorders’ were used to get rid of people and/or control them.  Well, here we are …  again.

Now it is being suggested that all adults be examined for mental health reasons and if found to be diagnosed with a ‘problem‘, they should be handled differently than the general public.  Like maybe incarceration?

If government were to be behind this effort, who do you think would define ‘unstable’?  A panel of bureaucrats of course.  If you’re a ‘radical’ like Tea Party people or maybe devout Christian, you could obviously be a potential threat to society.   And if you were labeled unstable, how could that affect you?  Hmmm..?  Let’s start by taking away your ability to protect yourself from others.  i.e., the government bureaucrats!  Maybe start by violating your 2nd amendment right.?

Read the following article.  You can do a search on ‘Mandatory Mental Health Screening’ and you’ll find more than one hit.  This could be one of the final nails in our coffin.??  Tyranny only happens to a weak society — without grounded values and principles.  I think we’re getting there …   fast!

Mandatory Mental Health Screening




Our Current State — How did we get here?

People wonder how we could end up with a Marxist Muslim for a president who by his actions is intent on making the U.S. another third world country.  This is possible because the people themselves are the problem!  They are the real problem in this country — ignorant, apathetic, lazy people who won’t educate themselves enough to make intelligent decisions and save this country and its constitution.

Because half of our people are now effectively socialists, the conservative constitutionalists must worry about who the ‘useful idiots‘ will next put in the Whitehouse to ‘rule‘..?

Listen to the following audio which is a copy of a talk show in Austin, Texas.  Then duplicate that mentality about 150 million times (50% of our population) and ask yourself, “How will we survive?!”


Now imagine another Marxist like Bernie Sanders picking up the baton and carrying it forward another eight years!!?  If anyone with a brain isn’t afraid at the thought of such a state, then they deserve what they get.  The USSA — United Socialist States of America