Our Current State — How did we get here?

People wonder how we could end up with a Marxist Muslim for a president who by his actions is intent on making the U.S. another third world country.  This is possible because the people themselves are the problem!  They are the real problem in this country — ignorant, apathetic, lazy people who won’t educate themselves enough to make intelligent decisions and save this country and its constitution.

Because half of our people are now effectively socialists, the conservative constitutionalists must worry about who the ‘useful idiots‘ will next put in the Whitehouse to ‘rule‘..?

Listen to the following audio which is a copy of a talk show in Austin, Texas.  Then duplicate that mentality about 150 million times (50% of our population) and ask yourself, “How will we survive?!”


Now imagine another Marxist like Bernie Sanders picking up the baton and carrying it forward another eight years!!?  If anyone with a brain isn’t afraid at the thought of such a state, then they deserve what they get.  The USSA — United Socialist States of America








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